Dr. Donna M. Pellegrino, R.N., Ed.D., L.M.E.T.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

802 Kresson Rd. Cherry Hill, N.J

Appointments available daily and 3 evenings a week. Urgent sessions can be scheduled within a week. Online therapy and a limited number of in-person sessions are offered.

Our mission is to provide quality, innovative, convenient, personalized psychotherapy and educational services. We specialize in diverse therapeutic modalities and serve individuals, couples, families and children.

Let Me Introduce Myself

I am Dr. Donna Pellegrino and I have been in private practice in New Jersey since 1980. It is my pleasure to partner with you on your journey to health, happiness and emotional development. I offer an open, honest, and direct approach to managing the complex challenges of contemporary living. My work, lifelong training, and personal experiences have given me a greater sensitivity to road blocks that consistently deny us freedom and personal satisfaction. I can be of help.

Each of us is born with a unique combination of traits and is presented with the task of relating to others in a variety of settings while attempting to be true to ourselves. Difficulties in marriage, with partners and children, in the workplace and at school, surface when we are unable to create bridges between our needs and the needs of others. The bridge to success in the outside world, with others, and “within”, lies in our sense of personal power. You ARE capable of doing almost anything. I invite you to take the first step to becoming powerful.

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