Dr. Pellegrino is seasoned in working with relational as well as individual growth and Healing issues. She has experience in infidelity, mediation, divorce, parental alienation, and parallel parenting as well as
Co-parenting .

Holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Doctorate in Community Health Education Counseling from Temple University. She received a degree in nursing, in 1976 and has been licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 1994. Dr. Pellegrino has a holistic orientation and considers the body, mind and spirit of each person that she serves. Working in the field of Mental Health since 1980 and establishing a full time private practice in 1995, The Psychology Group has offered her the experience and autonomy to provide personalized services. She specializes in the areas of Divorce, Blended Families, Post Traumatic Stress (including sexual abuse and domestic violence) Post-Partum Depression and Bereavement.

Dr. Pellegrino has been a long-term workshop leader for the Women’s Opportunity Center (WOC) at the YMCA of Burlington County, N.J. Since 1992, her “Positive Power”, “Assertiveness” and “Putting Your Best Foot Forward” programs have been the most popular workshops that the WOC offers throughout the year. She has developed and conducts ongoing 10 week workshops such as “Starting Over”, Spreading Your Wings”, “Living Fearlessly” and “If It’s Love, It Shouldn’t Hurt”. Dr. Pellegrino facilitates a monthly support group for women in transition sponsored by the National Organization for Women (NOW) and has been recognized by the state of New Jersey for her work with women and families. Her efforts have empowered many women in Camden and Burlington Counties and because of her commitment, energy, and generosity; these women have been able to resume healthy, happy and productive lives.

Dr. Pellegrino notes that she has a vested interest in the quality of life that women experience. Her greatest accomplishments, joys, and challenges continue to come from mothering four fabulous daughters. (published in Camden County Woman)